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Some information on MyBentley will not be available from:

4:00 am – 9:00 am on Sundays due to weekly backups

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Welcome to MyBentley


We suggest you use Chrome or Firefox when accessing MyBentley. Certain functions, such as tabs, do not function well when using Internet Explorer.

MyBentley provides convenient access to Bentley University's on-line information and resources..
Students, Faculty, Staff and Applicants can login to MyBentley for access to personalized information.


Changes in MyBentley

In preparation for our transition to Workday Student, we are turning off features in MyBentley that will be moving to Workday.

From May 17 at 3:30p.m. to June 10, some features will be unavailable, but, will re-open in Workday on June 10.

For students those features include:
  • Changing major
  • Fall add/drop for undergraduate students (Summer registration is still available!)
  • Updating your emergency contact
  • Petition to Graduate
  • Requesting parking decal
Requesting an advising appointment is still available through MyBentley until June 6.

For faculty, the feature affected is:
  • Entering or changing grades
Questions? Email us or visit our website.

The Workday Student Team

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