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Some information on MyBentley will not be available from:

4:00 am – 9:00 am on Sundays due to weekly backups

Here are some tips to finding information as we transition to Workday Student.

How do I get to Falcon Funds?
  • Faculty/Staff: Login to Workday, click on the Benefits worklet and select Falcon Funds.
  • Students: Login to Workday, click Academics, select Falcon Funds in Quick Links.

  • To view your student account and make payments Follow the Step-by-Step Guides under Student Financials on the Workday Student website.
  • Need to make an advising appointment?
  • Login to Workday, select Academics worklet and click "Advising appointment" in the right links. You'll be prompted for your network credentials to login.
  • Checking out your degree audit?
    Here's how to find your audit:  Use the DegreeWorks link in the left nav list on this page underneath the  "Career Edge" entry. Your degree audit is updated nightly with your current courses and curriculum. Please change your password after logging in the first time!
  • Semester Course listing
    Login to Workday, click on Academics worklet. Select "Bentley Find Course Sections" from the Planning & Registration links. Type the semester in the "Start Date within" box (for example, type Spring 2020)  then choose "Academic Level" and click Ok.
  • Login to Workday and click on the "Teaching and Academics" worklet which is your gateway to class rosters, grading, etc.
  • Click for Step-byStep Guides, on the Workday Student website.
  • Course listing.  Remember the old "Course Listing" on MyBentley?  Here's how to find it in Workday
    Login to Workday.  In the search bar, type "Bentley Find Course Sections".  Type the semester in the "Start Date within" box (for example, type Spring 2020) then choose Academic Level to find courses (leave Campus blank)
  • 3rd party access setup for bill payment is all new in Workday. Your previous MyBentley 3rd party access credentials are no longer valid. Your student must create new account credentials in Workday. Click for Step-by-Step Guide on the Workday Student website under Student Finances.
If you have any questions, please email the Workday Student Team.

Workday Notes

Course section numbers no longer contain leading zeroes. For example a course that used to be GB 215 001 is now GB 215 1 or EXP 101 H02 is now EXP H2.

This will affect searches on "Bentley Find Course Sections" and running your class list using "BENREG Class List with Photos for Faculty".

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